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A Homeowner’s Guide to Wind Damage and Next Steps

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At Level Up Roofing, LLC, we understand the havoc that wind can wreak on a roof. Handling wind damage efficiently is vital to maintain the structural integrity of your home. This comprehensive guide will help you identify when it’s time to call in a professional residential roofing company.

Identifying Signs of Wind Damage

Recognizing the signs of wind damage promptly can prevent minor issues from escalating into significant, costly repairs. Here are the common signs that your roof might be suffering from wind damage:

  • Missing or torn shingles which expose the underlayment or roof deck.
  • Loose material or wear around chimneys, vents, pipes, or other penetrations.
  • Peeling and flapping shingles that indicate the sealant has failed.
  • Granule loss from shingles, which appears as bare spots or accumulates in gutters.
  • Visible dents on shingles or flashing from hail or debris, which often accompanies wind damage.

Initial Steps After Detecting Wind Damage

Although many of the listed issues may involve our team of roofing professionals inspecting things in closer detail, many of these problems can more often than not be spotted from ground level. Upon identifying any of the more easily identifiable roofing issues listed above, immediate action should be taken to mitigate further damage:

  1. Schedule a roofing assessment with our team. We recommend doing this as we can safely navigate your roof and begin taking photos of any issues that may need to be documented for insurance companies.
  2. Report the damage to your insurance company as soon as possible to begin the claims process. Our team can help you navigate this process.

How Long Do I Have to Make a Claim With My Insurance Company?

As someone who deals with storm damage regularly, it’s crucial to file an insurance claim as promptly as possible after identifying wind damage. Most policies require claims within one year of the damage occurrence, but always check your specific policy for exact deadlines to ensure compliance and coverage.

What Are Some Precursors to Loose Shingles?

Understanding the early signs of shingle failure can help in preventing them from becoming loose or blowing off. Some precursors include:

  • Minor cracks or splits in shingles from aging or exposure.
  • Curling corners of shingles, which can indicate poor ventilation or old age.
  • Rusty or missing nails that fail to secure shingles properly.
  • Any lifting or movement of shingles during lower wind speeds than those typically required to cause damage.

Importance of Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance and inspections can significantly extend the life of your roof and prevent many types of wind damage. Annual or bi-annual checks are advised, especially after severe weather events.

Enhancing Your Roof’s Wind Resistance

Improvements such as installing wind-rated shingles, proper nailing techniques, and reinforcing the roof deck can increase your roof’s resilience against high winds. No matter the situation, we can provide tailored solutions based on your home’s specific needs and local climate conditions.

By understanding the factors that contribute to wind damage and taking proactive measures, you can safeguard your home and reduce the likelihood of severe damage during storms. Ensuring that your roof is in good condition and prepared to withstand harsh weather is an investment in your home’s longevity and safety.

Why You Should Choose Level Up Roofing, LLC

Selecting the right roofing company is crucial for in ensuring your home is protected from the elements. Level Up Roofing, LLC is proud to be a GAF Certified Plus contractor, a distinction that signifies our commitment to top-quality roofing services. Being GAF Certified Plus means we meet the highest standards in the roofing industry for installation excellence and reliability. We are licensed and insured and offer robust warranties on both materials and labor provided by GAF, ensuring long-term protection and peace of mind for our clients.

Final Thoughts on Managing Wind Damage

Dealing with wind damage can be daunting, but with the right knowledge, preparation, and our roofing company, you can manage and mitigate issues with ease. From initial assessment to final results, taking the right steps will ensure your roof remains secure and functional, protecting your home from future weather-related challenges.

If you have experienced wind damage or any other types of weather-related issues to your home’s roof, feel free to contact us to schedule a free roof assessment.


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